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Cloudify Manager: Orchestration within GKE

Install Cloudify manager from scratch as cloud-native app using HELM plugin include license installation within existing GKE k8's cluster, easy way for developers to setup cloudify in ~2min

Cloudify Orchestrator of Orchestrators (Dev/ QA/ Prod)

"Lite" demo for dev/qa/prod use case using Cloudify as an orchestrator of orchestrator utilizing both Ansible & TF plugins, environment includes AWS infra and NGINX app. Each environment(dev/qa/prod) gets a different VM flavor on AWS and application set app is also aligned with the environment type.
Update dev/qa/prod environment use case- during the update we are changing the exposed port of the environment

Cloudify and Kubernetes - GKE cloud-native use cases

K8's - GKE cloud-native use cases:
Orchestrate GKE K8's cluster
Install NGINX cloud-native app using K8's plugin- 1 replica port 8080 expose as the endpoint
Update NGINX app - change replica to three replicas and expos port change to 80
Application migration between two different K8's nodes
Application migration between two different K8's clusters

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