Accelerate Enterprise Application Development using Containers and Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

Learn how Orchestration can help you make the move towards containers and accelerating your application development lifecycle

More and more enterprises are looking to leverage containers to help with streamlining their application development, accelerating the SDLC, and more. But this digital transformation leads to issues with legacy environments, applications and more. Tune in to see how an orchestration based approach can help you make these parts more "cloud native" and transformation friendly.
Thursday, July 19 5:00 PM CEST | 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST


Live Webinar |  Thursday, July 19 5:00 PM CET | 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

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Join us for this webinar led by Coda Global, a cloud-native consultancy and application developer that helps companies accelerate their journey to the cloud.
As more and more organizations attempt to make the jump towards developing and deploying software in an agile manner, work with containers, and make the application development lifecycle faster and more automated, we see different issues come up. In this webinar, we will tackle how to approach an agile transformation at an enterprise, some of the issues that organizations are encountering during this transition, and the different ways orchestration can be leveraged to avoid these pitfalls.

We will also focus on the ability to actually manage the application lifecycle around different environments, and make the application development lifecycle easier to handle for different users, going beyond just at looking at things from an IT operations perspective.

Highlights of the webinar:

  • Common pitfalls that Enterprises face when making a digital transformation
  • How you can start the move towards “cloud-native” while maximizing your existing
  • Taking your applications and services from Dev/Test/QA to Production environments, across multiple clouds
  • Open Q&A

Duration: 60 Minutes
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