Model Driven Orchestration with TOSCA and Aria | Webinar

Model Driven Orchestration with TOSCA and ARIA

Pre-recorded Webinar – See ARIA, it’s model driven orchestration, and more about its core TOSCA concepts

In this webinar we will learn about the core concepts and patterns behind Model Driven Architecture in general and with TOSCA. We will feature ARIA, which is a new Apache project that provides a simple TOSCA library and framework.

Featured in the Webinar:

  • Core concepts behind model driven architecture
  • Overview of TOSCA
  • Overview of ARIA project
  • Turning a Model into a live system with workflows
  • Extending the model with plugins
  • Advanced concepts and patterns
  • Microservices and container support
  • Network Orchestration and Service chaining

Duration: 1 Hour

The webinar will include a live Q&A session, and all registered users will receive a copy of the slides and videos.
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Presented by:

The ARIA and Cloudify R&D Teams


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