Cloudify 4.5 - Cloud Native Orchestration from the Network Core to the Network Edge

Cloudify introduces new continuous deployment updates and pluggable closed-loop automation to support true intent-based orchestration

Live Webinar - November 21st, 2018 | 10:00am EST | 4:00pm CET


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Tune in as we unveil the new capabilities for Cloudify 4.5; Cloudify’s declarative approach to orchestration supports true intent-based orchestration capabilities. Through its closed-loop automation & continuous deployment capabilities, Cloudify significantly simplifies the automation of formerly manually-managed, complex systems & networks. We will also be joined by the Proximus team which will explain their use of Cloudify orchestration in building their Telco NFV cloud.
Gartner says that intent-based networking is the next big thing on the horizon, as it “helps to plan, design and implement/operate networks that can improve network availability and agility”. The Cloudify platform is deployed and trusted by some of the largest organizations around the globe, helping to modernize and transform systems and networks from legacy technology to new cloud-native concepts, without discarding previous technology investments.

Key Highlights of the webinar:

  • Intent-Based Orchestration
    • Closed-loop automation
    • Continuous deployment, automatically detecting only the changes that need to be applied to systems to meet the desired state
  • Pluggable & Agentless Monitoring
  • Cloud Native & Large Scale Deployments
    • Support for bare-metal or libvirt infrastructure
  • A Real World Production Use Case from Proximus
  • Open Q&A

Duration: 60 Minutes
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