Delivering a Multi-Cloud Solution for Network Services : A New Approach

Live Webinar - July 9, 2020 | 11:00am EST


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The increasing amount of network services added by public cloud providers are effectively tilting their scope towards global networking. At the same time, new partnership agreements are being established with carriers including AWS & Verizon, Microsoft Azure & ATT, Google & TIM. Microsoft is also extending its telco service offering with recent acquisitions of Affirmed and MetaSwitch to complete its 5G stack.

This all leads to a major disruption in the way traditional network services are being delivered. It also disrupts the way we think of multi-cloud.

Delivered by: Nati Shalom, CTO and founder, Cloudify & Shay Naeh, Solution Architect, Cloudify



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In this session, we will introduce a new approach for delivering modern network services that take advantage of public cloud networking such as uCPE and SD-WAN, touching on:

  • Multi-Cloud integration with native cloud orchestration such as Azure ARM and AWS Cloud Formation – often referred to as our ‘Orchestrator of Orchestrators’ approach;
  • Integration with public cloud network services such as Azure V-WAN;
  • Integration with open network services at the edge including SD-EWAN, Pfsense and commercial services such as Fortigate and Palo Alto;
  • Implementation of a distributed multi-cloud strategy to unleash best availability, lower latency, and optimization of bandwidth costs;
  • Enabling of continuous updates directly from your CI/CD without human intervention.
  • To benefit from this new open-source and cloud-native network service, we will also use a specialized H/W acceleration to ensure performance will match those of commercial alternatives.

We will conclude the session with a live demo showing how all this works, revealing a fully automated multi-cloud SD-WAN use case via Azure ARM, Azure V-WAN – connecting them with open and commercial edge network and security services.


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