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DevOps for Data Intensive Applications – Presented by Cloudify & DICE H2020

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Planning on deploying your own big data applications?

Are you planning to develop your own Big Data application, but are worried about any obstacles along the way? Do you want to experiment with Spark, Hadoop or Storm in the cloud but are afraid of the entry costs? Learning ins and outs of various APIs is inevitable. Learning to set up, configure, install and run Big Data platforms, however, can be avoided with automation. This webinar will show you how.
In the EU H2020 project DICE, we have set out to make development of quality Big Data applications as simple as possible while reducing the time to delivery to the shortest possible stretch. We based our approach on model-driven engineering, which lets us automatically drive development, validation, and deployment automation of the application.
Powered by OASIS TOSCA standard and Cloudify Pure-Play Orchestration engine, we have created a tool for simple, clean and actionable representation of Big Data applications. Developers can reuse our own sample blueprints or create their own easy-to-understand and use TOSCA blueprints. Better still, they can use our DICER tool to quickly draw deployment diagrams of their applications and transform them into fully deployable TOSCA blueprints. Cloudify can then execute these blueprints, providing a fully automated installation and configuration of services such as Hadoop, Spark, Storm and more. Our secret sauce is in our TOSCA library, leveraging powerful Chef recipes. Join us and learn more about DICE, DICER and DICE deployment tools!

You’ll learn:

  • The DICE methodology for DevOps in Data Intensive Application engineering
  • The use of DICER to model your Big Data application and the required infrastructure
  • How to create a simple TOSCA blueprint for Big Data application deployment
  • Pro tip: Using use the DICE deployment tools for automated deployment of Spark, Storm, Cassandra or Hadoop

Duration: 1 Hour

Presented by:

Matej Artac
Researcher, Programmer, Project leader at XLAB

Matej is responsible for the well-being of Cloud Computing projects within XLAB Research. He also leads projects within XLAB, coordinating project development teams, designs and develops software solutions.

Ilan Adler
Cloudify Data Analyst

Ilan is part of the Cloudify marketing team, and is helping get the word out about Cloudify. He is also helping make sure users are able to successfully use and leverage the vast benefits available with cloud orchestration.

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