Cloudify 4.0 – Harness the Power of Orchestration | Webinar

Cloudify 4.0 – Harness the Power of Orchestration

Pre-recorded Webinar – See how Cloudify 4.0 is bringing production efficiency to the ‘Wild West’ of Multi-Cloud Orchestration

In this webinar we will highlight the new features available with the latest version of Cloudify. Cloudify is an open source multi-cloud management software, revolutionizing collaboration between business units and central IT by introducing a catalog of common tooling that caters to all user types alongside multiple public and private cloud environments.
In the new 4.0 Cloudify release, Cloud Management is taking an even greater role, as self services portals, enhanced security and model driven design are being greatly improved and more robust.
Join us for a look at why Orchestration is putting Cloud Management Platforms behind.


  • See why a model-driven, orchestration-first philosophy of cloud management is the way to go
  • How Cloudify Tackles “frustrated IT operator syndrome” faced by enterprises struggling to truly adopt and implement DevOps best practices, across multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • Live Demo: High Availability, Multi Tenancy, and Enhanced Security in the new Cloudify 4.0

Duration: 1 Hour

The webinar will include a live Q&A session, and all registered users will receive a copy of the slides and videos.
Read more about the new Cloudify 4.0 and how you can start achieving cloud nirvana.

Presented by:

Sivan Barzily
VP of Product, Cloudify

Tali Sela
Product Manager, Cloudify


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