What are deployment tools in DevOps

1 – Jenkins

One of the leading CI/CD tools for DevOps, Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server that automates the build cycle of a software development project.


2 – ElectricFlow

ElectricFlow is a tool used to automate releases, and offers a free community version that can be run on VirtualBox.


3 – Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio allows users to define release definitions, track releases, run automation, and more.


4 – Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy automates the deployment of .NET applications and can be installed on a server, or an Azure host instance.


5 – IBM UrbanCode

Part of the IBM suite of products since 2013, UrbanCode automates deployment to both cloud and on-premise environments.


6 – AWS CodeDeploy

CodeDeploy is Amazon’s automated deployment tool, with an impressive platform and language agnosticism.


7 – DeployBot

DeployBot allows for automatic or manual deployments across multiple environments, when you connect it to your Git repository. You can even deploy via Slack, or via many other integration options.


8 – Shippable

Shippable has a CI platform that runs builds on minions – Docker-based containers.


9 – TeamCity

TeamCity is a CI server with smart config features, and official Docker images for agents and servers.


10 – Bamboo

Atlassian – makers of Confluence and Jira – have a CI offering called Bamboo Server. Bamboo touts “integrations that matter” and has a Small Teams package whose proceeds are donated to charity.


11 – Codar

HP’s continuous deployment solution is called Codar, which uses Jenkins to trigger deployments.


12 – CircleCI

CircleCI is a CI solution, with emphasis on reliability, flexibility, and speed. Source to build to deploy solutions, with support for a range of applications and languages.


13 – Gradle

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry use build tool Gradle – Netflix, Adobe, and LinkedIn, for example. This is a general purpose build tool similar to Apache’s Ant.


14 – Automic

Automic applies DevOps principles to backend apps, so they can benefit from the practices many frontend web-based apps do.


15 – Distelli

Distelli is a specialist in deploying Kubernetes clusters, and can be used with any physical or cloud-based server.


16 – XL Deploy

XL Deploy is a release automation tool supporting a variety of environments and plugins, using agentless architecture.


17 – Codeship

A hosted CI solution, Codeship supports customization with native Docker support.


18 – GoCD

GoCD is an open-source CD server focusing on visualizing workflows.


19 – Capistrano

An open-source deployment tool, Capistrano is scriptable and is a self-described “sane, expressive API”.


20 – Travis CI

A free tool for open-source projects, you can sync Travis CI to your GitHub account and use it to automate testing and deployment.


21 – BuildBot

Self-described as a “framework with batteries included”, BuildBot is an open-source Python-based CI framework that is highly flexible.


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