What are the benefits of Hybrid Cloud?

In short, Hybrid Clouds allow for management across different environments, including a mixture of on-prem cloud and public cloud. With Hybrid Cloud on the rise, what exactly are its main benefits?

    1. Facilitate remote-work: Covid-19 is said to be a catalyst for hybrid cloud since Hybrid Cloud offers accessible computing environments, providing agility and flexibility. Whilst cloud computing itself provides access to data anytime and anywhere, hybrid cloud gives on-demand access to data that’s not bound to a specific location. 
    2. Reduced costs: When migrating to the cloud, cost is a crucial factor. A Hybrid Cloud Option is more cost-effective in the long-run for when demand spikes because it gives you the option to avoid enormous outgoings on capital to expand infrastructure and rather pay for just the cloud resources. 
    3. Security: Since Enterprises can decide on where to house their data with Hybrid cloud computing, businesses can reduce risk of potential exposure as more sensitive data can be stored in private clouds and the rest in public clouds. 
    4. Risk management- With Hybrid cloud computing, it is much easier to manage risk since you can backup key data and avoid downtime in the case of a failure.

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