What are the popular DevOps tools that can be used?

“Dev-ops tools” is a rather broad term which is pretty much used to describe softwares that assist in automating the software development process. 

There’s quite the range to choose from, but popular Dev-Ops tools include: 

  • Git:Git is an open-source tool that is designed to manage projects; including handling collaboration between DevOps team members and to track progress of DevOp’s work
  • Jenkins: Likewise, Jenkins is a free open-source tool that, by orchestrating and automating actions, offers a solution for continuous integration, allowing developers to smoothly deploy software.
  • Docker: Docker is known to deliver software in containers, essentially a packaged up application containing dependencies all in one single unit. Docker can be integrated with a variety of other popular DevOps tools. 
  • Slack: Slack is widely used by most organizations as a communication tool that can be used for  Developers to collaborate. Essentially, Slack improves efficiency by removing communication barriers. 

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