What is Multi Cluster Management?

Organizations will typically run multiple Kubernetes clusters.  A multi-cluster environment is more complex than just running multiple clusters. Multi-cluster management aims to ensure consistent operations across all environments, address security challenges and manage complex workloads.

Multi-Cluster management Tools include:

  • Amazon EKS: Amazon’s elastic Kubernetes service provides a dashboard that displays workload statistics, metrics, memory, storage consumption and cpu. 
  • Azure AKS: Azure’s Arc presents resources at various levels and boasts configuration parameters.
  • Rancher: Rancher is an open source multi-cluster management tool that through a number of dashboards connects on-prem and cloud providers. Rancher, unlike other tools, focuses on the visibility of the clusters and their metrics as opposed to managing workload across them. 
  • Cloudify: Cloudify, as an open source multi-cluster management tool, handles not only Kubernetes clusters but also alternative services. Cloudify supports management through CLI and REST API, along with a dashboard panel whereby Kubernetes clusters are displayed in a deployment list. 

Cloudify download

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