See how Cloudify and Atos partnered to allow a consistent DevOps approach

Cloudify and Atos alien4cloud built a comprehensive solution for a consistent approach to hybrid cloud enablement and DevOps in order to effectively support enterprises with digital transformation of both existing and new applications. As more and more organizations attempt to use a more DevOps oriented methodology of working between developers and IT people, they start encountering major challenges like interoperability between environments, non flexible infrastructures, legacy applications, and more. Atos saw the need for a solution to address these challenges, and built Alien4Cloud with Cloudify at its core. This whitepaper explains the key challenges enterprise face today, the benefits of addressing these challenges with Cloudify based Alien4Cloud, use cases and more about the unique partnership between Atos and Cloudify. Whitepaper Highlights:
  • Key Challenges Facing Today's Enterprises
  • Five Key Benefits of Alien4Cloud with Cloudify
  • Solving DevOps challenges through a standards based unified platform
  • Creating Flexible Infrastructures and Highly Heterogeneous Environments

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