Azure Migration Toolbox - Quick-start Guide to Moving Workloads to Azure

Challenges, Tools, and Tips for Successful Migration to Azure As more and more enterprises move to Microsoft Azure for their cloud services, there are many considerations they’ll need to assess, and challenges to consider. This includes, for example, moving applications to a new region or seeking better coverage for highly available (HA) deployment. This easy to read guide will both give you tips on overcoming the challenges ahead, as well as a list of resources to help you get started. Highlighted in the report:
  • Migration Tools and how to utilize them
  • Open Source Collaboration Tools for Easing Adoption
  • Migration divided into three easy steps
Microsoft has invested heavily in cloud-related technologies such as infrastructure services, worldwide data centers, and more. With over 600 services – including mobile, storage, data management, and others – Microsoft is well- positioned to continue its rise as the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform today. Don't be left behind; take advantage of advanced hybrid cloud possibilities and start shifting workloads to Azure.

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