Azure Stack - Unified Application Management on Azure and Beyond

Azure Stack delivers an enterprise-class on-premises cloud, all with the same code base and technology used for powering up the Azure public cloud, closely integrated with its public cloud offering through their Azure Resource Manager (ARM) technology. With this turnkey private-cloud solution, Microsoft targets organizations finding themselves still requiring hybrid cloud architectures - whether for regulatory compliance requirement or during digital transformation processes. This whitepaper will explore the features of Azure Stack that enable unified application management across public- and on-premises cloud boundaries. The features could also play a key role in your enterprise cloud migration and for hybrid cloud strategies.

What does the white-paper contain?

  • Azure Stack Deployment Models
  • About the Azure Stack Service Catalog
  • Enterprise Cloud Migration with Azure Stack
  • Azure and Multi-Cloud Strategy
This whitepaper will help you understand the optimal strategy for the digital transformation process with Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, and Multi-cloud technologies. process-cfy-34

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