Cloudify Your VNF: A Pragmatic Solution for the VNF Cloud Native Transformation

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The large part of network functions – think routers, firewalls, load balancers, and such – have already gone through the transition from physical appliances to virtual ones, essentially becoming “virtualized” network functions, delivered via software that’s abstracted from the underlying hardware. In order to really achieve the benefits of being a cloud-native VNF, scaling and management efficiencies are needed to truly transition into operators large networks, providing the same benefits provided by existing cloud-native applications.
To simplify the VNF Cloud Native transformation process, we’ve broken down the formerly complex process into two easy steps, with little to no coding or custom development, by making simple customization possible through a set of built-in plugins.

Whitepaper Highlights:

  • The VNF Onboarding Challenge
  • The Biggest Challenge with VNF Cloud Native Transformation
  • Cloudify’s Simple Embeddable VNFM Solution
  • How to Supercharge Your Cloud Native Transformation

Download the whitepaper and learn more about the VNF cloud-native transformation and time and cost savings that an embeddable VNFM can provide for your organization today!

Download the Cloudify Your VNF whitepaper

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