Introduction to Cloudify


Bridging the gap between apps and cloud environments!

It enables teams to Develop & Manage Environments as Apps, so your Apps and Infrastructure will work better together!

The new version brings new capabilities:

  • Intelligent continuous update workflow engine (Day-2 Automation)
  • Integrated tools for pre-deployment governance (Security and Cost Estimation tools)
  • New user interface that streamlines the process of taking an existing resource and turning it into a self-service environment
  • More than 160 environments are ready to be used out of the box
  • Enhancements for managing Kubernetes and Terraform-based environments
  • Integration with the ServiceNow® IT operations management (ITOM) Platform

Download the Whitepaper

Learn about Cloudify's Environment as a Service

The power of managing and orchestrating multiple environments at the power of your fingertips.


service modeling

Complete End to End Service Modeling

What makes the Cloudify modeling language highly extensible, featuring things like service composition, lifecycle management, relationship management, and more

check mark

The Business Value of Orchestration

Understanding the various ways in which orchestration and closed loop automation is delivering cost transformation and savings for cloud spend at Fortune 500 Enterprises.

multi orchestration

The Orchestrator of Orchestrators

Learn more about how Cloudify offers built-in integration with infrastructure orchestration domains including AWS Cloud formation, Azure ARM, Ansible and Terraform.

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