Multi-Layer & Cross-Domain Service Orchestration with Cloudify

Learn about Service Orchestration for Multi-Stack Organizations! As more and more organizations start creeping towards making NFV transformation an actual reality, they realize the importance of the VNF manager and its ability to work in a cloud native world, and take advantage of things like VNF lifecycle management, auto-healing and scaling, working in multi-VIM environments, and more.In this paper, we explain some of the main requirements in using a VNF manager, what the key challenges in choosing or building it, along with information about how to overcome these obstacles and work with a VNFM that is truly able to work in Cloud Ready environments.

What does the white-paper contain?

  • NFV Architecture in Brief - what's the role of a VNFM
  • Different MANO layers and their relation to the NFVO and VNFM
  • Challenges Surrounding VNF Onboarding
  • Solving the Complexity of VNF Onboarding
This whitepaper will help you make an informed decision about your organization's VNF Manager needs, and how you can start using your VNF's as Cloud-Native best practices

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