Terraform and Cloudify

Cloud Infrastructure and Application Lifecycle Orchestration Simplified

How Cloudify and Terraform are each simply unique.

Cloudify, based on TOSCA, provides standard-driven and non-proprietary application modeling that is not specific to any infrastructure environment. 
Infrastructure orchestration tools like Terraform are excellent at the provisioning and configuration of infrastructure components however face limitations when it comes to support of components higher up the application stack.
While also capable of infrastructure orchestration, Cloudify is pluggable and modular, and complements tools like Terraform by providing the added capability of application level orchestration through the entire lifecycle. This means Cloudify was built to handle post-deployment aspects from monitoring and log collection, through rolling upgrades, auto-healing and scaling out of the box enabling orchestration of the full stack through a single pane of glass.
Cloudify is currently the only open source application-centric orchestration tool that supports the full suite of the most common infrastructure environments through the most popular cloud (OpenStack, AWS, Azure and the likes) alongside containers through out-of-the-box Kubernetes support, as well as non-containerized or virtualized environments supporting the full VMware Stack (VIO and vCloud included), and bare metal environments.
We were built for integration from the bottom up with no other intentions, and so we place all of our efforts to adapt to the way organizations work and not require organizations to change their modus operandi for the tooling.
Take a look at the Cloud Management in the Enterprise for more information on where Cloudify stands from a market perspective and more.

What does the white-paper contain?

  • Categories for Comparison
  • Defining Orchestration
  • Defining PaaS for Management Use
  • Defining Cloud Management Platforms
  • Key Benchmarks and Conclusions

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