Cloud Management in the Enterprise – Exclusive Report

Orchestration, Cloud Management Platforms, PaaS…What’s the Difference?!

Terraform, Cloud Foundry, Cloudforms; with so many choices how do you pick?

In the world of IT Management and Automation, there are a variety of acronyms and different ways of doing things. This has led many top tier organization into aggregating too much tooling, across too many platforms, with each business unit operating from within their own isolated silo.

This is further complicated with more and more organizations actively involved with migrating to the cloud, and a transition that is supposed to save time and money becomes a real pain point.

In this exclusive cloud management comparison white-paper, Cloudify, with its unique cloud orchestration experience, draws out the various distinctions between orchestration, Platform as a Service, and Cloud Management Platforms, and offer some guidance on when to consider each of the different approaches by presenting popular use cases and scenarios.

What does the white-paper contain?

  • Categories for Comparison
  • Defining Orchestration
  • Defining PaaS for Management Use
  • Defining Cloud Management Platforms
  • Key Benchmarks and Conclusions

Our exhaustively researched report will help you make an informed decision on which path to take for completing your enterprise’s cloud computing migration.

Download this whitepaper: