Why is network automation important

Here are some reasons why network automation is important:


Simplification of Network Management – Manually handling network management processes is time and resource intensive, so many processes aren’t regularly performed. With network automation, these processes can be made more frequently, reducing network downtime and failure. An automated network also makes configurations more consistent, so management is simpler and faster.

Network Analysis – Network automation helps to move network analysis out of simply identifying and troubleshooting problems, and into a more comprehensive overview of your network. It enables you to perform more complex network analysis with data from multiple sources, providing deep insights into performance, security, utilization, and allocation of resources.

Error Reduction – Network automation implementation helps to reduce the number of human errors (which cause up to 80 percent of network failures) by automating manual processes, keeping the network functioning at an optimal level.

It’s Dynamic – By automating manual changes and updates, you’re able to optimize the performance of your network, be more agile, and streamline (even accelerate) rollouts of new applications and services. Network automation contributes to your ability to adapt dynamically per your business needs.

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