Radically Simplifying the Orchestration
of Heterogeneous Stacks

Cloudify was designed from the ground up on principles of openness to power the IT transformation revolution - enabling organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and network services more economically, without compromising on security or IT simplicity.

Easily model your applications in simple TOSCA declarative blueprint files that can be shared by Dev ands Ops teams, edited, deployed to production and then visualized.
Get Ops and developers working on the same platform building
best of breed stacks, monitoring all of their applications &
services through a single pane of glass.
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Multi-Cloud & Network-Aware at Scale

As the only open source TOSCA orchestration platform, Cloudify is delivering model-driven standardization for repeatability and zero-touch IT and network automation at scale, to enable the future of heterogeneous, distributed networks and stacks. Built for integration of clouds and tools, and architected for evolvability; Cloudify enables businesses to focus on their core business and not the technology that powers it.

Take the Optimize First Approach

At Cloudify we know that the Only Constant is Change. Today’s IT environments are heterogeneous, fragmented and complex to manage. While DevOps have their new and shiny cloud native environments, central IT is still struggling with existing installbases of networks and apps. These do not have to be mutually exclusive. Cloudify lowers the barrier of entry to automation - by enabling organizations to optimize existing stacks, alongside new technologies - simplifying the transition from zero to cloud.

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NFV Orchestration Based on TOSCA

Cloudify’s TOSCA-based, open and pluggable architecture provides the management and orchestration (MANO) of the end-to-end NFV lifecycle (Day 0 through Day 2 operations) by serving as the NFVO & VNFM in the ETSI MANO architecture. This enables telcos and operators to build best of breed NFV stacks, and break the costly and long-procurement cycles of the historical proprietary black box model of OSS and BSS.

Cloudify for NFV

We are pleased to see our relationship with Cloudify leading to robust open source orchestration solutions that offer our mutual customers choice in NFV foundational technologies.

Gabriele Di Piazza, VP solutions, Telco NFV | VMware

NFV adoption is a key component of our strategy for digital transformation, and Cloudify is helping us transform from traditional to virtualised networks that are simpler to operate, cost less to maintain and enable us to deliver better customer experiences.

Alex Thomas, Programme Manager for LPWAN | Proximus

This partnership with Cloudify brought together two strategies into one enterprise solution that can even orchestrate legacy applications for customers, so that there is no disruption to the flow of their business, but instead a gradual evolution of the enterprise into the world of Cloud and DevOps.

Gauvain Girault, Head of alien4cloud Engineering | Atos

NFV is fundamentally changing the way communications services are provided, and Partner is pleased to be leading the way in our market. Our decision to use Cloudify with VMware vCloud NFV to drive our NFV adoption process dramatically shortened our time to market with the V-NET platform.

Raz Bartov, Vice President Technologies and IT | Partner Communications

Cloudify is One DevOps tool for all clouds. Does your enterprise run multiple clouds? Yes? Then you should look into Cloudify.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Contributing Editor | ZDnet

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