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The TOSCA Times Pt 3 - Model-Driven Workflows with TOSCA, Cloudify, and ARIA

In this third installment of The TOSCA Times, Michael details how Cloudify and ARIA take the model-driven approach and how TOSCA then adopted declarative, model-driven workflows.

The New Cloudify UI - Features and Tutorial

Tali explains all the new features and capabilities of Cloudify UI and runs through a brief tutorial of the basic functionality.

The TOSCA Times Pt 2 - Handling Workflows in TOSCA vs Similar DSLs

In this second installment, Michael discusses how TOSCA workflows differ from other DSLs, such as BPMN/BPML and BPEL due to its model-driven, vs task-driven, design.

How Cloudify Enabled a Telco to Create a Fully Automated, Managed CPE Service - A Use Case

Tamir talks about his personal experience helping a large telco create a completely automated CPE service for its customers with an orchestration first approach.

The End of Cloud Management As We Know It - Part 1

Nati Shalom explains why old school cloud management tools are not sufficient anymore and how to prepare for the end of cloud management.

The Tenets of Cloudify

This post lays out the principles we have followed from the beginning through our latest release - Cloudify 4.0.

The Open Source Podcast - Episode 2 | ONAP and The Open Networking Summit

Hear what experts from OpenDaylight and Suse had to say about the new ONAP project, the future of networking, and open source developers.

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