About Cloudify

Cloudify is an open source, multi-cloud orchestration platform featuring unique technology that packages infrastructure, networking, and existing automation tools into certified blueprints. With Cloudify in play, all private, public, VMs and Kubernetes workloads turn into certified environments that can automate DevOps operations, governance and compliance processes, as well as support cloud migration. Cloudify features a Day-2 automation engine that powers-up certified environments with scale, mass updates, auto-heal, and more. The platform integrates with leading IT-SM tools that turn approval workflows into full life cycle management - saving weeks and months of manual work per ticket!

Cloudify makes sure apps and services are always available and running on any cloud or platform with a click of a button. across private, public, and multiple clouds, on Kubernetes or VMs. Think you have what it takes to join a winning team? Check out our careers page.

The Cloudify Team


Ariel Dan



Nati Shalom



Ishay Yaari



Kohavi Karni


__Nir Rapaport

Nir Rapaport

VP Customer Success


Alex Molev

VP R & D

Ofer Sharon Cloudify

Ofer Sharon

VP Channel Sales


Moshe Mizrachi

Director - Solution Architect


Jonny Rosen

Marketing Communications Lead


Jonathan Abramson

Solutions and Support Architect

Jason Hammon Cloudify

Jason Hammond

Director of Cloud Solutions


Elinor Yam

Digital Marketing Manager


David Rottelman



Shay Naeh

Product Strategist

Jakub Cierlik - Cloudify

Jakub Cierlik

Software Engineer

Nely Nehemia Cloudify

Nely Nehemia

Software Engineer

Jonathan Richey Cloudify

Jonathan Richey

Head of Global Business Development

Michael Glukhman Cloudify

Michael Glukhman

Software Engineer


Rachel Liderman



Yuval Rapaport

DevOps Engineer

__Igor Zhivilo

Igor Zhivilo

DevOps Engineer

Ahmad Musa - Cloudify

Ahmad Musa

Software Engineer

__Jaroslaw Rzeszutek

Jaroslaw Rzeszutek

Software Engineer

Mateusz Neumann - Cloudify

Mateusz Neumann

Software Engineer

Our Investors

Technology Partners

Technology Integration Partners

Community Partners


ISO Certified

Cloudify is committed to the international security, safety and quality standards for our clients under the ISO 127001 Quality Management System. We offer (and continue to expand) an unparalleled global compliance and certification program via an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 165 national standards bodies. View our certification here.

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