Tech Roundup | Azure vWAN Orchestration… Made Simple!

Ever wondered exactly how easy it could be to orchestrate Azure vWAN (Central HUB) and remote branches?

Our very own solution architect and seasoned tech pro Shay Naeh takes us on a whirlwind ‘Azure vWAN’ ride, and breaks down everything you need to know on the solution, and how Cloudify is the leading platform to orchestrate and cut through the noise. He documents how using Cloudify as an intent based orchestrator provisions and manages Azure virtual WAN (vWAN) and virtual HUBs together with Azure virtual Branches/CPEs, how Cloudify pushes configuration to branches from the central HUB, and how to use Azure ARM templates as a basis and Cloudify to utilize  templates as a resource…. and how ‘Infrastructure as Code’ could be deployed as part of the a CI/CD pipeline! To access the full article on Medium, click below.

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