Cloudify and AWS: The Perfect Partnership for 5G Network Slicing

We are incredibly proud to partner with Amazon AWS as they re-write how network and edge automation and 5G can be done in a post public cloud world. This is the first fully cloud-native, agile-first approach that turns processes that once took months and years into weeks, days, and hours.

It’s no secret that 5G network slicing is becoming THE critical feature supported by 5G allowing communication service providers to support a wide range of applications with different  requirements … while keeping them isolated and secure.

The agile first approach to deliver 5G network slicing

“Cloudify’s management and orchestration solution with its full integration to AWS services such as AWS #CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EKS – alongside its support to provision workloads and clusters on-premises such as AWS Outposts, or on Amazon EKS anywhere – make it a great solution to support 5G network slicing use cases.”

Read the full story on the AWS blog: 


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