Cloudify’s Ansible AWX Plugin – Has Arrived

Cloudify is excited to announce the release of its plugin for Red Hat Ansible ‘AWX’ (The AWX Project).

Originally crafted as an open source community project with an aim to give users more control over Ansible project ops throughout IT environments., AWX was a fulfilment of a promise to Red Hat users to open the source code for Ansible Tower – as many of the features were actually built almost entirely by the Ansible community.

So, you have AWX up and running…. now what? Using Cloudify for AWX via a simple plugin gives users tighter control of service components across different applications, network services and sites,  providing more automation possibilities (auto scale/heal) over multiple cloud environments while preventing vendor lock-in.

Cloudify’s latest AWX plugin takes care of end-to-end service automation including day-2 operations factoring in healing and scaling – as well as continuous service management using an intent based orchestration model.

This release adds to Cloudify’s existing ‘out-of-the-box’ plugin package list (Terraform, Jenkins, Azure ARM, etc),  enabling customers to put their public and private cloud under one consistent automation framework .

Watch a demo below, and try it out for FREE by CLICKING HERE.


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