Cloudify Orchestrates HCL’s 5G Network Slicing Implementation Concept On Multi-Cloud OpenStack

With the proliferation of IoT, VR/AR, self-driving cars, and other technologies, we are seeing a massive push towards the 5G network. The new mobile networks will need to be ready to provide a variety of services to mobile users and industry verticals from manufacturing and automotive to healthcare and financial. In order to provide the network service required for such diverse technologies, network slicing is a necessity.

Network slicing is a form of specialized virtualization built on top of the mobile operator’s physical network that can provide the specific resources required to deliver each of these mobile services quickly. Distributed clouds, NFV and SDN with end-to-end orchestration are key technology enablers for the deployment and successful operation of a common network infrastructure able to provide heterogeneous 5G services.

5G Network Slicing Demo on Multi-Cloud OpenStack

At Mobile World Congress 2018, our partners at HCL ran a live demo of this 5G network slicing implementation concept which demonstrates Cloudify’s onboarding of HCL’s OpenAir Interface vEPC services deployment over multiple containerized OpenStack clouds and end-to-end orchestration of each network slice. What’s more, this implementation was built on open standards components. You can see the implementation architecture in the below image.

5G Network Slicing Video Demo

Watch this fascinating demo in action!

OpenStack for NFV

OpenStack plays a crucial role in assisting in the advancement of NFV use cases due to its openness and network agility, open standards adherence through ETSI and OPNFV, as well as vendor support and proven telecom implementations. OpenStack is also an ideal choice for edge computing due to its modular nature and ability to support bare metal, container technologies, and VMs.

Cloudify at OpenStack Summit

We are proud to be participating in the Vancouver Summit this year. Our VP Product & Engineering, Sivan Barzily gave two talks at the event that you can watch below.

Application-Defined Governance & Compliance for Highly Regulated Industries

Model-driven Orchestration for ONAP Operations Manager with OpenStack, TOSCA, and Kubernetes

Leading the Cloud Native VNF Revolution

We recently announced our new embeddable VNFM solution which enables organizations to focus on their core business while ensuring their VNFs are ready to make the cloud native leap. This solution is embedded in the vendor’s VNF to take care of full automation of the deployment and configuration process, as well as automation of day-2 operation such as upgrades, healing, scaling and any other dynamic services required by cloud native environments.
You can also read about our Cloud Native Distributed VoLTE Orchestration use case with VMware, Affirmed Networks, Metaswitch, and Ixia.

Cloudify continues to lead the cloud native VNF revolution by bridging the gap for network functions to make the transition from physical, to virtual through cloud native network functions, all while enabling organizations to overcome transformation challenges by supporting interoperability of new and existing technologies side by side.


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