Cloudify UI Updates – Manage All Your Cloud Environments With One Tool

With our very successful launch of Cloudify 4.2 at the beginning to the month, we are excited to bring you some deeper dives into the latest features in this release. More recently, we gave users a look at

the next generation of Cloudify Composer, our built-in drag-and-drop interface for building TOSCA blueprints.
In this post, we are going to jump into the new features in the Cloudify Manager web interface which packs in so much feature-rich goodness, that it may be best to read this sitting down. We’re talking better security and access capabilities, widget editing, monitoring, and more. Everything to make your cloud environment and application management as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Let’s get into it!

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Template Management

We’ve added new tenant user-roles, which not only allow you to better control who can perform what action, but also let you to configure the templates of pages and widgets and who can access them. This enables Cloudify to present you with information according to the exact needs and preferences of each of the roles in each of the tenants in your environment. So, a viewer in one tenant can have a totally different dashboard from a manager on the same tenant, or a user in a different tenant! With the UI framework, it’s always about allowing you to configure what’s best for your organization, from both a security as well as usability point of view.

Check out the below video for a peek into Template Management:

Custom Widgets

Aside from the pages template management capabilities, we also greatly improved the editing experience of pages themselves. We added new widgets – System Resources and Statistics – and made it easier to create your own custom widgets, and packed the whole thing into a beautiful catalog where all the widgets are categorized and can be bulk selected to easily add or remove multiple widgets simultaneously.


Also, take a look at our new graph widgets. Monitoring is a core functionality of any cloud orchestrator, and the new graphs will have you begging to “monitor-monitor-monitor” all day long. There are so many options you can now configure – not just the metrics, but also the units, the absolute or relative time frame, the amount of metrics you wish to see on a single graph, and more.

Experience Enhancements

We are sure you will find that the experience of using Cloudify UI is so much more smooth and intuitive because we worked incredibly hard to improve many minor issues, make our messages clearer, and add more information and guiding touches so your work with Cloudify UI can be as smooth and simple as possible. Give it a try!

We’ve got lots more to update on, including the new Insights widget for analytics on cloud costs and usage. and more videos all about Cloudify UI, so keep watching this blog.


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