DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2017 – Growing by Leaps and Bounds

It’s honestly been a few years since we wrote a post-DevOpsDays Tel Aviv blog post, but I just wanted to reflect on how much the DevOps community and this event have grown. In fact, each year the DevOpsDays Tel Aviv conference has grown in attendance around 20% annually on average. And the organizing team has grown to over 10 awesome geeks from great Israeli companies (and Corey) doing DevOps IRL.

A bit about this year’s event

This year’s event had over 600 total attendees, over 20 Sponsors! (a big thanks to all), 4 very interesting and informative keynotes, 3 different talk tracks and a workshop track, and an extra dose of the always funny fan-favorite, Corey Quinn.
We were very fortunate to snag a group of very talented speakers in Rami Goldratt, Liz Rice, Sebastien Goasguen, and Corey Quinn for a very balanced keynote roster. Sebastien spoke to the crowd about keeping up with the pace of innovation, Liz brought us a nice dose of container security in practice, and Rami spoke about the strategy around the Theory of Constraints in business and technological innovation. And yes, we finally made Corey’s dream of a DevOpsDays Tel Aviv keynote come true.

Another first for this year’s event was the Workshop Track 2.0. Instead of our normal three workshops per day, we cut it down to just one, three-hour-long super workshop to give attendees a chance to really dive into the code and even possibly learn a new skill. This was met with mostly positive feedback, so we hope to continue down this path in upcoming years.
We are also very proud to add our newest DevOpsDays Tel Aviv Team Member – Arup Chakrabarti, Director of Engineering at PagerDuty! Arup has been a pretty consistent attendee for the last few years and we are excited to add him to our list of overseas team members, doubling that number to two.
Lastly, and most importantly, the Open Spaces were a hit! Over the years the Israeli crowd has become more involved and interested in sharing their experiences during the open spaces. We had large groups of engineers from all teams discussing their stories of making the DevOps transition, or how they made their current culture even stronger.

Getting to the important stuff

Ok, ok – you want to see the videos, slides, and photos… we hear you. You can relive the fun by going to the links below:

SlidesPhotos Videos (Ignites are uploaded – the rest is coming very soon!)

To continued success

As we move forward on this fast-paced journey through tooling, architecture, development, operations, and more, we would like to thank all of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers for making this year the biggest and best event yet. We look forward to having you all back for future events!


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