KPN Leverages Cloudify Technology, Winning Network Transformation Award at SDN NFV World Congress

With an aim to develop a telco cloud platform and automate various virtual network functions, KPN partnered with industry orchestration expert Cloudify to automate VNF deployments, demonstrating the importance of rationalizing and automating the instantiation of services, leading to a win of the prestigious Operator Award – ‘Embracing Open’ at the Network Transformation Awards.

KPN worked with Cloudify increasing the reliability of VNF deployments,  in turn removing the need for error prone manual deployment and scripting. 

“For KPN, virtualization and rationalization are the key steps to become a fully automated digital telco. In this context, we achieved, with our partner Cloudify an important milestone to automate the first VNFs deployment on the virtualized KPN Network!”, states Salvatore Tramontano, KPN Program Lead for the Virtualization Initiative. 

KPN successfully integrated Cloudify tech into its CI/CD pipelines allowing new blueprint versions to be seamlessly deployed, tested and released into its landscape. With Cloudify technology in play, KPN customers can now benefit from increased deployment speed and flexibility, and an increased amount of tailor made solutions.

“We are proud to work with such a strong and dedicated team at KPN on this exciting and continuing journey and are delighted to witness this incredible and well deserved award, “ says Ariel Dan, CEO of Cloudify.  “By partnering with Cloudify, KPN have created a virtualisation program  based upon openness and disaggregation and have significantly increased efficiency, speed and reliability by automating VNF deployments.”


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