Kubernetes Core Concepts and Tools for Monitoring K8s

Kubernetes, as we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, is definitely the fastest growing open source, container-specific orchestration tools today. We are hearing more and more large organizations moving over big chunks of their business to cloud-native workloads. Github was one of the latest to take the plunge into K8s in production for all of their workloads. Clearly the community has been maintaining the project so well that IT Ops, devs, SREs, and everyone else has been smitten by the tool.

So, we decided to get back to basics and talk a bit about the core concepts of Kubernetes, as well as some tools for monitoring your deployments, and what it takes to move to microservices with container orchestration.

We hosted a webinar back in December, along with the team at Mist.io, discussing the basics of Kubernetes components, how to deploy and configure pods to ensure high availability, and how pods connect to let the outside world reach your app.
DeWayne Filppi, Cloudify Sr. Solutions Architect, starts us off with some of the main concepts such as nodes, master, kubelets, and pods. He discusses the architecture of Kubernetes and how each component interacts with others. You can see our Kubernetes plugin for more information.

Chris Loukas, Sr. DevOps Engineer and Architect at Mist.io, also talked about more in-depth information on connecting and building out your Kubernetes architecture. In the second part of the webinar, Chris talks to us about what users should monitor in Kubernetes as well as various tools for monitoring microservices such as Heapster, Prometheus, and Sysdig. He also speaks about Grafana for visualizing the data, as well as how to set up proactive auto-scaling of apps and underlying infrastructure.
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This webinar is part of our webinar series. Our webinar series tackles everything from using Cloudify for rapidly deploying data intensive applications, using Cloudify orchestration as part of an Open vCPE solution, moving software architecture from monolithic to microservices oriented design, and even orchestration in the age of edge computing. Feel free to watch any of our previous webinars “on-demand” here, and be sure to register for future webinars.


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