Open Source Summit Recap Part Duex

These last couple of days at #OSSNA were extremely busy.
Aside from the continued great conversations with the attendees, we got to meet a lot of co-presenters, interesting groups & non-profits (Women in Linux, Kids on Computers, LinuxChicks, Free Software Foundation, the team from Fedora and many more)… and of course the stellar lineup of speakers.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave an exceptionally inspiring talk on how to leverage the internet that has brought us all together to collaborate meaningfully and build a community working together towards common and ambitious goals. This is something the open source world understands quite well, and that maybe with a little creative thinking can be applied to Education, Government, Journalism… we’ll see.
Also impressive was Dan Lyons giving the audience an incredibly accurate self-portrait of the start-up bubble. There was a line down the block later at his book signing, just to get to exchange a few words of advice.

Our very own DeWayne Filppi also presented an excellent talk on Apache ARIA – with a lot of follow-up questions. The project is gaining momentum, and this is evident from the community questions being asked. Everyone is encouraged to get involved and have a real influence on where the project roadmap should go.

Aside from the seriousness there were also quite a few shenanigans, the sponsor showcase, some t-shirts caught in the wild, a really invested pulled out all the stops evening at Paramount Studios, and a lot more badass community folks met f2f.

Catch this candid video with Ashley McNamara on how she’s planning on making a change at Microsoft.

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Catch our upcoming webinar, September 19th, that will present interesting insights from the report we distributed at Open Source Summit – 2017: State of Enterprise Multi-Cloud Report.


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