• Building an Elastic SIP Server with WebSphere, XAP and Cloudify

    WebSphere and XAP are sometimes considered competing products, when in reality, XAP can be fairly complementary to WebSphere in various areas. In this post I will share a specific customer use case which required the integration between the two products. I’ll start with the motivation and end with the… Read More
  • How to get the Cloudify Management REST API URL

    h2. The REST API URL In some cases when you develop a recipe, you may need access to the Cloudify management server/s. h4(impt). In a production environment, we recommend that you use two management servers. This access may be required for invoking REST API calls either on… Read More
  • Cloudify 2.5 is GA

    Hey Cloudifiers, I’m happy to announce Cloudify 2.5, our latest and greatest Cloudify release. 2.5 offers important new capabilities and user experience improvements. In this post I’d like to review three main items: h2. Storage, as In Block Cloudify is designed from the ground up with… Read More
  • DevOps, PaaS and Everything in Between

    This month Amazon announced AWS OpsWorks, which is the result of their acquisition of Peritor and the embedding of its Scalarium platform within AWS. OpsWorks is a new framework for simplifying the deployment of applications on the cloud. Given that Amazon already has a few frameworks automating application deployment,… Read More
  • Carrier Grade Cloud/PaaS

    Cloud is becoming the next-generation backbone for running the web. As the technology for building and running cloud infrastructure matures, it is starting to spread out into more industries and revolutionizing how even the most conservative organizations are running their entire operations. One of the areas undergoing a transformation is the carrier backbone services. For those who… Read More
  • GigaSpaces And Storm Part 1 – Storm Clouds

    Introduction Real-time processing is becoming very popular, and Storm is a popular open source framework and runtime used by Twitter for processing real-time data streams.  Storm addresses the complexity of running real time streams through a compute cluster by providing an elegant set of abstractions that make it easier to… Read More
  • Cloudifying High Availability

    The following is Part 1 of 2 on architecting highly available cloud applications using Cloudify. The first part introduces the concepts, challenges, and solutions to achieve highest levels of availability and disaster recovery in the cloud. The second part revisits the concept to provide a… Read More
  • Running Play Apps on the Cloud with Cloudify

    When it comes to running Play Framework apps on the cloud, there are many great options; one of those options is Cloudify. Read “(newwindow)my post”:http://blog.typesafe.com/running-play-apps-on-the-cloud-with-cloudify on the Typesafe blog about how developers can deploy their apps on the cloud with Cloudify. And there’s a bonus – you can… Read More
  • A Couchbase for Any Cloud

    Couchbase is a great NoSQL database. It combines the power and flexibility of a schemaless document store, in-memory performance and super simple clustering and administration. So it’s not surprising that a good 50% of Couchbase users have chosen to use it on the cloud. For the average Couchbase… Read More
  • Cloudify 2.3.0 Has Landed

    h2. Hi Cloudifiers, As promised just a few weeks ago, we worked very hard to bring you even more awesome features on top of 2.2, with our new 2.3 release. And we’re happy to do it just before the holidays 🙂 In 2.2 we “announced” our “Chef integration”, and a… Read More
  • Enterprises Taking Off to the Cloud(s)

    Cloud Deployment: the enterprise angle The Cloud is no longer the exclusive realm of the young and small start up companies. Enterprises are now joining the game and examining how to migrate their application ecosystem to the cloud. A recent survey conducted by research firm MeriTalk… Read More
  • Cloudify 2.2 and Roadmap

    Hi Cloudifiers, It’s always fun to tell you about new features and possibilities. This time it’s double the fun, as we debut a new version, but are already working on another one that will be coming out pretty soon. Let’s start with version 2.2. I think the icing on the… Read More
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