• What's Cool in Cloudify 2.1.1

    We are happy to announce a new Cloudify service pack (2.1.1) released yesterday that is now GA. This service pack provides many stability improvements thanks to input we received from our customers and community users who have reported issues and asked questions about their specific use cases. In… Read More
  • Gigaspaces and Mirantis – Big Data On OpenStack

    Below are the slide deck and the videos from the June 21st San Francisco Cloud Mafia meetup on the topic of “Big Data on OpenStack” with GigaSpaces, and Mirantis. GigaSpaces Presenter: Uri Cohen, VP Product Management Topic: Deploying Your Big Data App on OpenStack The massive computing and… Read More
  • Lessons From The Heroku Amazon Outage

    Earlier this week we experienced the third significant AWS outage in the past 14 months, as reported by Justin Lee in his report Heroku, Pinterest Among Sites Knocked Offline in Amazon Data Center Outage on theWhirr magazine: An Amazon data center in Ashburn, Virginia suffered a power outage at 9:45 p.m. Read More
  • Cloud On-Boarding – The True Story

    Everyone wants to be in the cloud. Organizations have internalized the notion and have plans in place to migrate their applications to the cloud in the immediate future. According to Cisco’s recent global cloud survey: Presently, only 5 percent of IT decision makers have been able to migrate at… Read More
  • PaaS, Does It Really Mean No-Ops?

    PaaS, Does It Really Mean No-Ops? I’d like to start with a brief overview of the evolution of the cloud – and why I think a new approach to PaaS solutions is needed – and the best scenarios for this to come into play. First there was IaaS. Cloud… Read More
  • Bare-Metal PaaS

    The Rise of Bare-Metal Clouds Cloud and Virtualization are not mandatory, and the number of cloud providers that supports bare-metal clouds is growing, as David Linthicum pointed out in his article Going native: The move to bare-metal cloud services It’s a fact that virtualization is not a requirement when creating cloud… Read More
  • Cloud integration and DevOps automation experience shared

    The Cloud carries the message of automation to system architecture. The ability to spin up VMs on demand and take them down when no longer needed as per the applications’ real-time requirements and metrics is the key for making the system truely elastic, scalable and self-healing. When using external IaaS… Read More
  • How We Built This site

    A lot of people have asked us how we built this community web site and what technologies we used. So we decided to share our experience with others in a meetup. The following PPT outlines some of the requiremets and technologies we chose to use to build it –… Read More
  • Mapping the Cloud/PaaS Stack

    Cloud is evolving at an incredible pace, changing almost every aspect of our industry. It’s only natural then, that with this change also comes a continuous evolution of how we classify and categorize the various components of the cloud stack. In earlier days, it was enough to draw the… Read More
  • What's new in Cloudify 2.1

    Today we’re officially launching the Cloudify 2.1 GA release release, so I thought it would be a good chance to recap what we’ve been up to in the past few months. h2. The Lowdown Over the past couple of months we’ve been working closely with the first Cloudify… Read More
  • Mongo DB Sharding in the Pet Clinic Application recipe

    h2. Can you shard on a cloud platform in a galaxy far far away ? In general, managing a “sharded Mongo”:http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Sharding+Introduction setup is not an easy task but it’s much more difficult to do it on any cloud. When you deploy a sharded Mongo on a cloud (any… Read More
  • Big Data in the Cloud using Cloudify

    Edd Dumbill wrote an interesting article on O’Reilly Radar covering the current solutions for running Big Data in the Cloud Big data and cloud technology go hand-in-hand. Big data needs clusters of servers for processing, which clouds can readily provide. Edd touched briefly on the role… Read More
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