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Combining today’s top DevOps technologies to enable the practice of Value Stream Management is the dream of IT leaders in multiple industries. ServiceNow and Cloudify takes that dream and makes it a reality. Automated operations that once required hiring additional DevOps engineers are now part of the day-to-day workflow. These Cloudify-charged ServiceNow offerings remove repetitive tasks, optimize environments, and continually provide additional value to stakeholders.

You and your team are close to (if not already at) a level of DevOps that has you sleeping well at night. Software is building, releases are releasing, and your monitoring dashboard is packed with green lights. It’s time to take the next step with your automation. One that extends that hard work into other areas of the business. If the goal is to drive optimization, smarter staffing, or simply removing extra clicks, the intersection of DevOps and ServiceNow is your destination.

First stop. DevOps.

Whether you have been fortunate enough to have a solid DevOps team, or are in the process of finding the right personnel, you know how important it is to have the right skills for the job. DevOps itself is starting to become a mindset versus a specialization. Companies that once focused on keeping the practice contained are empowering the entire development team to create, automate, and visualize their applications in real-world scenarios.

In today’s digital workplace, automation is what IT is all about. Taking advantage of wins from the past is one method to identify automation deemed acceptable for reuse as a standard. Skills once held in the minds and playbooks of DevOps engineers are translated into certified environments along with associated workflows.

Integrating ServiceNow with your team’s already familiar tools has the ability to open up innovation without the need to come up to speed on new tooling. The goal is multi-faceted. On face value, it adds critical automation to an ever-growing need we all have. Having more help with provisioning environments and repetitive tasks means DevOps can work on the things that really move the bar.

Next-level ITSM is just around the bend.

This level of ITSM combines aspects of support, automation, analysis, and various integrations with existing tools. All to work towards the goal of consistency that can be counted on when other methodologies fall short. Integrating ServiceNow with your collection of existing environments allows for parity to remain in check over any scaling process. These “certified” resources are just one part of the ServiceNow integration with Cloudify.

By standardizing environments and controlling aspects of gathering analytical data, ServiceNow allows for identifying bottlenecks which need to be addressed. If your view is restricted to only one part of a process, you’re only seeing a small portion of the big picture. The goal of ServiceNow and Cloudify’s integration is to help you see the entire process from start to finish. From there, all related activities and resources are looked at as part of one workflow instead of a cluster of tasks.

Integrating aspects of Agile and release planning allows for automated workflows with checkpoints designed to help meet the challenge. This crossroads of DevOps and ServiceNow is swiftly available via tight integration with Cloudify. Certified environments and processes help increase confidence for change management. Optimized efficiency from end-to-end for many common requests.

ServiceNow and Cloudify fuel efficiency.

The combination of tooling is your on-ramp to environment-as-a-service (Eaas). These workflows allow for constant availability for your certified environments from ServiceNow’s catalog. Usage of these environments by way of request is automated to ensure proper delivery of authorized development, testing, and production environments. Approval flows are highly manageable and ensure proper prerequisites are met. Pre-approved changes to environments that do not require human interaction are enabled as a standard.

There is a term technologists use often to explain what they would envision when looking at certain environments. The “single pane of glass” is the goal of those who want to see everything in one place. This includes the entire toolchain of scripting, CI/CD providers, and various automation that you have enabled in your environment. 

For those developers, data scientists and QA automation teams, the ability to perform initial provisioning or day-2 operations for continued improvement is vital. This continued improvement is not only from those using the solution, it is also part of the feedback loop that spans an entire cycle. The data collected from initial request to complete provisioning can identify additional areas for efficiency savings. Optimizing business value should be considered as a core value when determining key performance indicators (KPIs).

The finish line.

There’s a lot to be said about the tight integration of Cloudify and ServiceNow. Our unique technology supports any type of environment. This along with a strategic partnership with ServiceNow ensures a direct and efficient path to implement EaaS.

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