Using WebSphere’s wsadmin tool on any Cloud

WebSphere is a very powerful and robust application and in order to make our lives easier,
the folks from IBM created the “(newwindow)wsadmin tool”: which enables you to run various scripts on WebSphere.
Here in the Cloudify Land, we created a recipe that installs WebSphere on any cloud.
That’s right : You can run the same recipe on every cloud without changing even one character!!!
Cloudify enables developers (from within the recipe) to invoke the wsadmin tool in order to manage WebSphere Application Servers, their configuration, application deployment, and even run-time operations.
The recipe contains three JACL scripts : “(newwindow)installWasApplication.jacl”: , “(newwindow)startWasApplication.jacl”: and “(newwindow)uninstallWasApplication.jacl”:
Here’s snippet of @installWasApplication.jacl@ that you can use for installing any application on your WebSphere on any cloud :

You can develop your own JACL scripts, or any other scripts which are supported by the wsadmin tool and then Cloudify will run them whenever you need.
To see it in action, click on the following image to watch the demo:

Click “(newwindow)here”: to view the recipe in Cloudify recipes Repository.


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