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Turn approval workflows into full life cycle management - saving weeks and months of manual work per ticket.

Access a clean API to work on top of all your tools that can easily be used within ServiceNow.
Import existing automation templates and scripts into Cloudify & automatically convert them into Certified Environments. Use Cloudify to export these Environments to ServiceNow, enabling users to deploy, continuously manage and maintain them as part of approval workflows.

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ServiceNow: Connected

Cloudify integration for ServiceNow provides an agile-first approach for creating, sharing and managing certified cloud environments - allowing organizations to reclaim control over their infrastructure cost without compromising on agility.

Cloudify ServiceNow

built in actions

Built In Actions

Using Cloudify with ServiceNow allows users to create,  upload, update and delete certified environment blueprints. 

custom forms

Custom Forms

Plugging Cloudify into ServiceNow allows users to employ generic forms per action type – create/ delete/ update

continuous sync

Continuous Sync

Cloudify allows provisioning or updating existing environments with zero changes to the ServiceNow core.

dynamic forms

Dynamic Forms

Connect ServiceNow to Cloudify and start saving manual form creations per service

‘Out of the box’ certified environments

Certified Environments

Immediate access to ‘out of the box’ support for Kubernetes environments and cloud infrastructures based on Terraform, Cloud Formation, Azure ARM, Ansible etc.

Why Use Cloudify for ServiceNow?

Developers need frictionless processes together with quick access to infrastructure to deliver new features. At the same time, providing access to infrastructure with no sufficient control results in waste – leading to cloud security breaches and infrastructure costs skyrocketing. This is not acceptable for most organizations, especially in highly regulated industries.

Cloudify and ServiceNow Integration: Accelerating change management via an agile-first approach
ServiceNow is already commonly used by many organizations to manage IT processes and approval workflows. Cloudify’s ‘Environment as a Service’ technology is packed with an ‘orchestrator of orchestrator’ solution that comes ready to integrate with major cloud and DevOps orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure ARM and Ansible –  via one unified platform. Cloudify also allows users to create certified environments using these DevOps orchestration tools. This approach is fast proving critical when it comes to managing highly dynamic and continuously evolving environments such as multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and highly distributed environments such as networking , edge and 5G.

By bringing Cloudify and ServiceNow together, DevOps teams can maintain agility in the way they develop, test and manage certified environments and can use ServiceNow approval management to control how certified environments are used by the rest of the organization.

Cloudify’s integration with ServiceNow streamlines the entire process of managing certified environments by eliminating the need for any manual synchronization, creating custom forms etc.

By significantly reducing the time it takes to deliver and manage certified environments, IT departments can finally deliver better service to the development team, can alleviate bottlenecks and achieve a better balance between the need for agility and control.

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