Edge Computing Webinar

Life on the Edge! Managing a Multitude of Devices & Things

Model Driven Orchestration in a World of Many Clouds

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Date: September, 2017, 11:00am EST

As more and more connected devices, like IoT, M2M, and “Smart Things” start connecting to the internet, there is a vast amount of data generated on the edges of the network. Thousands of these new kinds of “data centers” are being created daily, how can we manage and control them?
In this webinar we will introduce the concept of model driven orchestration in a world of countless devices. In this world lies a vast scaling issue, as there just aren’t enough people to actually run a network like this. We will discuss how automation and orchestration are the only ways to control the scale of these vast number of connected devices.
Highlights include:

  • How Mobile networks are transforming into even more diverse industries
  • Manual management it out; automation is key!

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Date: Thursday July 20, 2017, 11:00am EST


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