Simplify Your CI/CD Pipeline In One Step!

Cloudify delivers a single CI/CD automation plugin that integrates with all infrastructure automation toolchains, providing a consistent way to manage all environments - private & public - for a superior CI/CD Jenkins pipeline

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Optimized CI/CD
Effortless Integration

Integrate your DevOps orchestration toolchain into your CI/CD environment in one simple step.

Cloudify with Jenkins

Jenkins templates


Run an automation template of choice without dealing with installation and configuration of each orchestration platform. Simply pass the relevant template to your build-step/ configuration parameters.

Jenkins with Kubernetes integration


Jenkins build-steps and build-wrapper for Kubernetes and all other orchestration domains.

Jenkins CI/CD pipeline


Consistent management across all orchestration domains via CI/CD Jenkins pipeline – passing configuration parameters, executing build-tasks, passing outputs, and handling failure; all managed consistently across your entire domain.

Jenkins Integration


Built-in workflow designed to handle the update process by reloading relevant templates and re-executing on the relevant environment.

Jenkins integration

Logging & Workflow

Built-in log aggregation and workflow monitoring.

Jenkins pipeline


Jenkins pipeline plugin delivers consistent ‘privacy’ management of all credentials between relevant orchestration domains.

Native Integration

Eliminate duplicate work and complexity and integrate your multi-cloud environment into a set of reusable blueprints that can be shared across the different development pipelines.  A leading choice of all CI/CD pipeline tools.

  • Native Jenkins Pipeline Plugin: simple configuration and integration with Cloudify manager
  • Simplified UX for operators and users who prefer the Jenkins interface
  • Upload, deploy, and install a Cloudify blueprint directly from Jenkins
  • List environments and services available in the Cloudify catalog, and run/ teardown as part of your pipeline steps
  • Instantly create Cloudify wrapper blueprints for Terraform template, Azure ARM, Cloud Formation, Kubernetes

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One Step Integration


See It In Action

Get an in-depth look at Cloudify's Jenkins integration in action, as we demonstrate adding or changing a new service from a chosen environment. A premium solution via CI/CD Jenkins pipeline orchestration.

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is an open source continuous integration (CI) server, written entirely in Java. Jenkins is used to build and test software projects, and is capable of commanding a chain of actions which help to achieve, amongst other things, automated continuous integration. Jenkins is a great tool used by developers for CI/CD orchestration. Adopt Cloudify to your CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins for superior performance.

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