Cloudify Manager Installation FAQ

Cloudify Manager Installation FAQ

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The installation instructions for the latest version of Cloudify Manager are verified to work in clean environments that meet the prerequisites. Here we’ll cover some situations that prevent successful installation or require additional configuration.

Wheel Group Membership

As noted, installation fails if the user does not belong to the wheel group in the operating system. If your user does not belong to the wheel group, you can add your user with this command:

sudo usermod -a -G wheel $(whoami)
You must log out of the operating system and log in again for these changes to take effect.


For installation to be successful, the effective umask must be at least as permissive as 0002.
To check the effective umask, run:


To set umask, run:
umask 0002

Minimum Physical Memory

Cloudify Manager requires at least 4GB of memory to run. If you are in a testing environment and must run on less memory, you can change the minimum_required_total_physical_memory_in_mb value in the config.yaml file.


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