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Episode Five : Case Study

In this special edition of the Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast, we delve into a unique case study with a special guest Haim Yadid– Director of Platform Engineering for NEXT INSURANCE. We cover all things DevOps from Terraform, Kubernetes, to Elastic Beanstalk, and how they relate to a very specific and successful use case.

Episode Four : Monorepo

In this podcast Dor Atias (Cycode) and Alex Molev (Cloudify) discuss the pros and cons of using Mono Repo vs Many Repo. Dor also shares his previous experience at BlazeMeter as well as his current experience with his new security startup Cycode. (more information and additional references for this podcast found here.)

Episode Three : JENKINS

How do you really feel about Jenkins? The third episode of the Cloudify Tech Talk podcast talks all things JENKINS - and of course how it fits into Cloudify. CLICK HERE to see Jenkins and Cloudify in action (supporting material for this podcast).

Episode Two : Kubernetes & More

The second episode of the tech talk podcast is dedicated to all things Kubernetes and how it connects to Cloudify. CLICK HERE to see Cloudify & Kubernetes integration in action - the supporting material for this podcast

Episode One : Terraform

Welcome to the very first episode of Cloudify Tech Talk where we take a deeper dive into Terraform and how it fits into Cloudify. CLICK HERE to see Cloudify & Terraform integration in action - supporting material for this podcast.

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