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    Podcast 19- Product <> (Go-To) Market Fit Guy Nirpaz , CEO @ Totango

    This session explores customer success from a product perspective; the difference between the industry adoption of the term and mapping it into a product adoption a.k.a Product <> Market fit. This episode features special guest Guy Nirpaz , CEO at Totango – a successful startup aimed at designing and running… Read More
  • Podcast 18- Open Source, 5G and the disaggregated stack

    This episode looks at open source and the challenges of deploying the “disaggregated stack” – particularly when it comes to 5G deployments. We also discuss lessons learned from previous open source and commercial projects and how they should apply to new challenges. Featuring special guest Tom Nadeau, Vice President &… Read More
  • Podcast | REVERSIM – The Trillion Dollar Paradox Ft Martin Casado

    This episode is in partnership with Ran Tavory‘s REVERSIM podcast – and we could not be more excited. This session hosts Martin Casado as we talk about a topic we have covered more than once: “The Trillion Dollar Paradox” article by Martin and Sarah Wang. Read More
  • Episode 15 – Multi Cloud & The ‘Trillion Dollar Paradox’

    This unique session of the tech talk podcast features special guest Chris Psaltis, CEO of Mist.io talking all things multi-cloud, public cloud, rising costs and the ‘trillion dollar paradox’ (and more!)… Read More
  • Episode 16- Multi Product SaaS Challenge (Beyond the trillion dollar paradox)

    Expanding on the last session which dealt with transforming a single product into SaaS, this session ft Eyal Fingold, VP R&D Cloud Security Products at Check Point Software and talks about turning 50+ products into SaaS and its challenges – going beyond the recently discussed ‘trillion dollar paradox’. Read More
  • Episode 12 – New Wave DevOps

    Featuring a Sean Tucker from AGC Partners, this episode discusses a new wave of DevOps, developer led tooling, adoption waves driven by necessity, and the cloud and edge purchase realities of telco in a world of 5g. Find supporting materials for this podcast here. Read More
  • Episode 14 – Case Study Elastic

    In this edition of the Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast, we talk with the Head of Cloud Products at Elastic, Uri Cohen. We explore the journey of moving from on-prem to SaaS, and what specific steps are needed to accomplish this difficult task. Read More
  • Episode 13 – Case Study Optibus

    In this special edition of the Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast, we delve into a unique case study with a special guest Eitan Yanovsky, Co-Founder and CTO of Optibus. We cover all things DevOps and how they relate to this very specific and successful use case. (more information and additional references… Read More
  • Episode 11 – FINOS

    This session talks about FINOS (the Fin-tech Open Source foundation), a community creating open-source oriented solutions for financial services. This episode features special guests James McLeod, Director of Community at FINOS, and Amol Shukla, an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley talking all things FINOS, DevOps mutualization, banking and tech. … Read More
  • Environment Management

    Episode 10 – Beyond Infrastructure: DevOps Market Trends for 2021

    Not your standard DevOps discussion: this session delves into DevOps, but not as you might know it. Featuring special guests Dov Katz – Managing Director and Distinguished Engineer at Morgan Stanley, Benny Schneider – serial tech entrepreneur, Dor Atias- VP Engineering at CyCode, and our very own CEO Ariel Dan-… Read More
  • Episode 9 – Machine Learning & AI (ft. Joshua Odmark, Pandio)

    In this unique edition of the Cloudify Tech Talk Podcast, we are taking a dive into machine learning and AI when it comes to DevOps – all through the eyes of our special guest Joshua Odmark, CTO and Founder of Pandio. In this discussion Josh walks us through his experience… Read More
  • Episode 8 – Version 5 and Beyond!

    With Kubecon fast approaching, this session takes a look at the strategy behind Cloudify’s version 5 cycle, the pain points its aims to solve, the new features presented in the latest 5.1 release, and the roadmap for 5.2 and beyond. Read More
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