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Cloudify is an open source cloud orchestration platform, designed to automate the deployment, configuration and remediation of application and network services across hybrid cloud and stack environments.

Cloudify uses a declarative approach based on the TOSCA specification (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications), in which users focus on defining the desired state of the application through simple and readable terms, and Cloudify takes care of reaching the desired state all while continuously monitoring the application to ensure that it maintains the desired SLAs in the case of failure or capacity shortage.

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TOSCA Orchestration

Cloudify, based on TOSCA, is built to automate the entire application lifecycle. Developers model their topology once using YAML, and deploy it to their infrastructure of choice.


Developers can utilize Cloudify Blueprints to easily model their application topology. Model once and after that, it's all automated. This model-based framework easily supports changes to application workflow - sans additional scripting - all while maintaining high availability.

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Management Dashboard

Cloudify's web-based control console streamlines monitoring and management of the complete application lifecycle.

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Proven ROI – Customer Stories


Protect Technology Investment


Technology investment protection: Tier-1 financial services company, North America

Supercharge Agility

6000 VMs

In production across clouds: Tier-1 North American Bank

OPEX & CAPEX Reduction


Cost Savings:#1 North American Communications Service Provider


Gradual Transformation


Apps moved to the cloud in days: #1 US Data Analytics Company

DevOps Reinvented

50 CI/CD

Cycles a day: leading North American wireless provider

Technology Standardization


New digital services introduced, across LOBs, in under one year.


Cloudify’s Orchestration Platform Architecture

The Cloudify pure-play orchestration platform provides a generic automation engine that spans the diversity of tools used in production environments from the apps through the networking services, databases and infrastructures. Through our role-based access control and fine-grained multi-tenancy - developers can have access to their applications, while IT remains in control of the resources and data.

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