Multi Cloud Orchestration

Cloudify's cloud orchestration platform packages infrastructure, networking, and existing automation tools into certified blueprints, turning private, public, VMs and Kubernetes workloads into certified environments that can automate DevOps operations, governance and compliance processes, as well as support cloud migration - all with powerful day-2 capabilities.

- meet your 'Orchestrator of Orchestrators', the ultimate Cloud orchestration platform.

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Cloudify - Cloud orchestration

The Orchestrator Of Orchestrators

Experience an orchestration platform featuring built-in integration with cloud infrastructure domains including:
AWS Cloud formation, Azure ARM, Ansible and Terraform.

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Cloud orchestration platform - Cloudify map

Azure ARM : Upgraded

Cloudify's orchestration platform provides a native plugin that can run any ARM template as another resource from the Cloudify platform- allowing Cloudify to orchestrate any Azure resource without needing a specific API integration.


AWS Cloudformation: Integrated

Run any CFM template as another resource from the Cloudify orchestration platform- using Cloudify allows you to run any AWS resource without needing a specific API integration.


Turbocharge Your Ansible

Connect Cloudify to Ansible for advanced automation, connectivity and control across multiple cloud environments. Achieve advanced management of service components across different applications, network services and sites and unlock more automation possibilities.


Get More From Your Kubernetes

Orchestrate your cloud native Kubernetes services across multiple clusters: OpenShift, GKE, EKS, AKS and KubeSpray. Access a built-in blueprint to automate cluster setup and configuration.


Terraform: Unleashed

Say goodbye to fragmented Terraform management via 'Infrastructure as Code' and say HELLO to complete integration via CI/CD. Enjoy built-in, custom integration with Terraform- part of our infrastructure automation plugins.


Your CI/CD ...Like Never Before

Our CI/CD plugin simplifies the complexity of the current CI/CD pipeline by decoupling the application pipeline from the infrastructure environment pipeline. This approach also minimizes the amount of duplicate work associated with different application pipelines.


Cloudify Integration with Service Now

Cloudify integrates with ServiceNow, turning approval workflows into full life cycle management - saving weeks and months of manual work per ticket, helping teams work even more quickly and efficiently.



Introducing ‘Environment as a Service’ (EaaS)

Cloudify - Cloud orchestration platform

Service Catalog

A Self-Service Experience

A self service catalog and portal framework for cloud automation, cloud orchestration and beyond, delivering an easy ‘app-store’ like experience for environments, apps, and services-setup and management.

  • Fully customizable – white label, add & modify widgets
  • Create a custom view per business units, groups, user role
  • Prefer your existing portal? Easy integration with any 3rd party/home grown portal
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Cloudify - Cloud infrastructure orchestration

Visually track all task executions

Real-Time Visibility

Deploying a multi-domain, clustered service may include multiple steps and interdependencies – tracking and supporting remains easy

  • Monitor progress & status of each execution step, on Cloudify’s cloud orchestration platform
  • Identify and eliminate tasks execution failures via a visual interface
  • Apply management actions on the fly (stop, correct, resume)
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Cloudify - Cloud orchestration abd automation

Reduce design & configuration time

Complex Designs Made Easy!

Experience a canvas-based visual editor, allowing greater visibility into blueprint structure and dependencies, drag-n-drop service composition, leveraging shared resources and components for ultimate open source infrastructure and cloud orchestration.

  • Easy service composition – create new or update existing services
  • Switch between code and topology views
  • Real-time code validation
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Cloud infrastructure orchestration and automation

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