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Dynamic workspace environments, managed at scale.
Evolve past IaC and start managing everything as code. Cloudify integrates with all existing Terraform modules and scripts and maps their dependencies while providing central control to run all workflows (apply, pull, plan).
Use Cloudify to execute day 2 operations (updates, upgrade, scale) and integrate them with the rest of your dev/ test/ production environments to continuously update and monitor all environments.

Your Terraform, Like Never Before.

Interoperability Between Deployments

Manage multiple concurrent terraform versions. Remove the need for painful upgrade of existing Terraform files.

Integration with all tools and technologies

Integrate & interoperate with the rest of your environments and infrastructure orchestration tools.

Everything on ONE Platform

Control all terraform models and versions with a central multi-tenant management console.

Continuous Updating (Day-2)

Apply patches, change topologies, add security features, configuration changes, or resources to any environment.

Everything on ONE Platform


Integration and Interoperability

  • Allow interoperability with other infrastructure orchestrations such as Cloud Formation and Azure ARM; avoid costly transformation of templates.
  • Integrate Terraform and Multi Kubernetes clusters
  • Integrate Terraform and Ansible Integrate with CI/CD framework (GitOps style)
  • Integrate with ServiceNow
  • Manage dependencies between modules and Terraform files
  • Manage multiple concurrent Terraform versions (per environment); avoid painful upgrades of existing Terraform files.
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Secret Management

  • Built in secrete management
  • Multi layer inputs per deployment, tenant, environment.
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State Management

  • Manage state files in DB, allow dynamic queries of state properties.
  • Avoid free text secrets of state files.
  • Graphical view of state files.
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Dynamic Workspace (Environment)

  • Ad-hoc assignment of template to environment
  • Dynamic injection of secrets, inputs per environment
  • Use the same template across development, QA, production environments
  • Manage distributed location based environments (availability zones , clouds etc)
  • Enable tagging and label grouping per environment and allow cross-environment operations.
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Open Source

  • Apache 2 source license.
  • Available as a CLI, container, Helm package or as a service.
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Built in Workflow Management

  • Continuous update (GitOps ready)
  • Scheduled workflow and TTL
  • Auto scale, heal: Scale Terraform and the rest of your application resources as a single unit
  • Day 2 operations: configuration management, execute SSH or Ansible playbook
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Bulk Operation & Scale

  • Concurrent Runs: Run multiple Terraform modules at the same time across different accounts, tenants and clouds – as well as Terraform versions.
  • Can manage millions of concurrent deployments.
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Governance & Compliance

  • Automate and manage the approval process of promoting and provisioning certified Terraform environments between teams.
  • Built-in integration with ServiceNow.
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On-Prem & Air-Gapped Environments

  • Enterprises that uses highly secured environments often run in isolation from internet access (air gapped).
  • Cloudify allows users to package all relevant resources locally and avoid any dependency on remote resources.
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Management and Monitoring

  • Experience a central multi tenant management console to control all Terraform models and versions.
  • Monitor infrastructure drifts
  • Tenant-aware catalog service; share certified Terraform templates between teams through a catalogue service.

Orchestrating Automation Tools on Multiple Clouds demo


Install workflow

Scale out workflow

Uninstall workflow

EaaS: High level architecture

Cloudify seamlessly integrates with your exiting toolchain, converting your terraform into certified environments. The Cloudify environments then integrate with your exiting IT-SM or CI/CD tools and workflows


Connect to Kubernetes

It’s true to say that when it comes to DevOps, nothing is constant, Yet teams tend to keep coming back to two primary tools when building scalable systems – Terraform and Kubernetes. It’s also true to say that these on-demand applications depend on highly flexible resources that have the ability to be built up or torn down with ease to effectively scale. When implementing either Terraform or Kubernetes – you’ll need to think in terms of layers. First there is the base layer which deals with the physical infrastructure; and of course the upper layer which if effectively workload orchestration. Teams are often dreaming of a multi purpose ‘Terraform Kubernetes deployment’ tool. Imagine an engine that could make these tools interoperable.

Many development teams out there simply cannot talk Terraform without talking Kubernetes, even though they are both capable of addressing migration and scalability – yet if these aspects aren’t concerns the benefits might not be strong enough to draw you in – this is where we need to treat resources as code. Terraform Kubernetes deployment is proving more and more critical. Using Cloudify to manage and leverage both Terraform and Kubernetes as part of the bigger picture can be just the solution to get more out of the tools. Cloudify’s latest version can not only organize Terraform templates in reusable development and production environments (while democratizing dev teams), it can also manage Kubernetes environments with auto discovery of clusters, using a single command to deploy Helm packages across multiple clusters. It could be time to deploy Kubernetes cluster with Terraform, and using a Terraform Kubernetes provider like Cloudify to make them interoperable .

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