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Orchestrate and manage Terraform via Cloudify for incredible automation and control

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Significantly extend Terraform usability with Cloudify's plugin and enjoy end-to-end automation,
interoperability between orchestration platforms and avoid costly blueprint transformations


kubernetes infrastructure

End to End Automation

Tap into total end to end automation, multi layer orchestration of complex environments (including cloud infrastructure, networking and security), day 0/1 configuration and total day 2 operational closed loop automation & continuous fulfillment.

kubernetes multi cluster management

Service Management

Experience end-to-end central management, dashboard based widgets, topology view, service workflow tracking and detailed logging, simplified troubleshooting and recovery, multi tenancy (resource/users), snapshot and restore.

multi cluster management


Access flexible blueprint composition for better reusability; composition between runtime services for stronger portability of existing (shared) resources, and full transparency between runtime properties of different services.


Zoomed Out

Get a complete overview (design and run time) of the entire end-to-end process via Cloudify’s execution graph and UI centric Composer.

kubernetes management

Advanced Architecture

Tap into distributed architecture, edge orchestration, full HA based architecture (linear scaling), multi layered approach for resource separation.

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    Parameters & Secret Management

    Pass inputs to modules through cloudify secrets and input

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    Log aggregation

    Index all logs under a common log trail

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    Full Lifecycle Management

    Day0/1/2 config, monitoring, scale(in/out)/heal, resume, update, exe operation

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    Integration & Installation

    Install Terraform binary and modules

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Cloudify via Terraform - The Best of Both Worlds

Using Cloudify for all things Terraform strives to elevate your DevOps game. Using a simple plugin users can access intent based orchestration which is missing (Declarative concept)(Integrate vs Migrate concept), optimize missing full LCM, simplify all end-to-end (E2E) operations- providing rich operational management and control.

In addition, Cloudify delivers full Day-2 operation and workflow management (for all WFs) and allows users to manage Terraform and first class citizen using Cloudify Manager. As the ultimate ‘Orchestrator of Orchestrators’, Cloudify adds the glue (interoperability) between them and all other orchestration platforms.

Avoid Costly Blueprint Transformation
Playbooks can be imported and executed ‘as is’.
Other automation artifacts can be imported in similar ways where possible.

Interoperability Between Orchestration Platforms
Relationships can be clearly defined and passed between Ansible, Terraform orchestration tool, Cloud Formation, Azure ARM, TOSCA, templates.

End to End Automation
All automation components under a single automation experience
for a faster time to market.

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