What are Orchestration tools?

You have without a doubt come across automation tools within the Cloud Computing world. Whilst definitely similar, rather than focusing on simple tasks, orchestration goes beyond the limitations of automation and focuses on workflows/ processes instead. In summary, Orchestration tools allow for large-scale management of automated tasks. With the help of cloud orchestration, no matter how intricate an organization’s cloud infrastructure may be, management is made much easier.

Orchestration tools include: 

  • IBM orchestrator platform: Allows you to orchestrate workflows across clouds including hybrid clouds, public and private clouds. 
  • Terraform: Terraform is known for its use of infrastructure- as-code, allowing you to build, version and modify the infrastructure.
  • Cloudify: Cloudify is an open-source orchestration tool that gives the ability to orchestrate heterogeneous services across multiple platforms. It’s especially useful for deploying applications in multi-cloud environments and for integrating with other tools.
  • Ansible: With Ansible you are able to control your entire infrastructure with the use of a visual interface; allowing you to implement automation across an entire organization.

How does network automation work

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