ONAP: Orchestration for Real Results

Read more about the ONAP story, use cases, and rise to the top of the open networking automation industry With the unstoppable growth of smartphone penetration, internet users, and global spending through digital channels, the main question for the telco industry is becoming not when to move toward cloud solutions, but how to do it and how to do so fast. Telco service providers are using public cloud services (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft Azure) or deploy their own private cloud, as cloud computing is seen as the most effective and agile way to develop a network for the growing digital market. The main challenge for service providers is to make their infrastructure more efficient by decreasing time to market and also make it faster to react on any sudden increase of service use. The answer for service providers can be found in the use of software-based technologies (Network Functions Virtualization or Software-Defined Networking) as well as open-source solutions, giving them the opportunity to build their own cloud solution. Plus, by using these technologies, service providers also receive the added ability to program and automate their networks in order to make them more responsive on different targeted events in network.

Whitepaper Highlights:

  • The need for Orchestration on the NFV world
  • Why ONAP?
  • ONAP Architecture
  • ONAP's flagship use cases (VoLTE and vCPE)
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