Why 70% of NFV and Digital Transformation Projects Fail?!

And what we can do to fix this! While the need for network automation is becoming a key part of the overall digital transformation agenda, the reality is that the success rate behind previous attempts to drive network automation (a.k.a NFV) is only at about 30%, where the statistics show that 70% of transformation projects fail! In this paper, we delve deep into lessons learned into why these projects fail, what we can do to avoid these failures, as well as recipes for success to make these projects a successful reality.

What does the white-paper contain?

  • Network plays a crucial role in digital transformation
  • Why do 70% of NFV initiatives fail?
  • The Key Technical Challenges in NFV Transformation
  • Recipes for success
This whitepaper will help you avoid the mistakes organizations make in transformation projects, and best practices to succeed. process-cfy-34

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