Cutting Edge Orchestration

Unlimited Locations,
All Clouds, Any Device…

One Platform That Simplifies Orchestration From Core to Edge.

Cloudify: a single open source platform designed to break down silos, transform network services and applications, connect branches, deploy and manage multi-access edge and IoT devices, and deliver services on-demand - automatically, at scale and future-proof.

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End-To-End Orchestration Platform

Cloudify delivers the network and edge orchestration and automation needed to simplify distributed networks and enable digital transformation.

Cloudify radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based orchestration platform Cloudify, which connects and manages distributed containers, network elements, and edge devices on physical servers or the cloud — all under a common automation scheme.

Enables you to connect your corporate network to branches and multi-access edge devices.

Edge Networking

Enabling the future of Edge Computing today.
Orchestration is a challenge at the edge.

With Cloudify you can deploy and manage new services in branch offices, including Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), SD-WAN, and IoT devices. Manage the complete lifecycle of software-defined networking (SDN) solutions and multi-access Edge devices to enable connectivity to multiple branches at various locations.

Orchestrate your Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) to offer personalized services that can be delivered instantly, and provisioned automatically, to answer end user needs on demand.

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Digital Transformation

Don't Migrate, Integrate & Connect.
70% of Network Virtualization transformation projects fail!

Don’t be part of this statistic. Cloudify’s end-to-end platform enables your Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and Applications with full lifecycle automation, multi- cloud support, and a dynamic layer of many more features
built for elastic environments.

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Manage the Managers

Break Down Automation Silos.
Already started your cloud native transformation?

Achieve its full potential with one manager to manage not only the lifecycle of all your Network services and Applications, but even existing automation tools.

Spin them up or down on demand, or simply relocate them. Cloudify automates deployment, drives configuration, and manages

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For your complex environment and innovative projects:

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Weeks become hours Automating deployments of virtualized services results in faster delivery and lets you get it right every time. By preventing human, configuration and security errors, your services then become predictable, fully automated and secure. Enterprises have a proven 10x time-to-value by using Cloudify.


Flexibility is the key In a world where the only constant is change, the real challenge is being technology flexible. Cloudify’s open-source architecture enables networking and IT departments to utilize their current toolset and orchestrate next generation cloud native network services, as well as legacy services on-premise, on bare metal or in the cloud. This lets you integrate your existing network infrastructure with next generation network infrastructure under a common automation scheme.


Eliminate costs and vendor lock-in Reuse existing investments and components, soft or hard, to enable cloud native and Edge. One automation platform for all physical and virtual devices results in reduced support, remediation, dispatch, install and decommission time and resources.


Improved governance Centralized Governance and Control through network orchestration allows you to control and monitor how applications gain access to sensitive data and services. Cloudify’s fine-grained role-based access control and multi-tenancy makes it possible to automate the governance of your cloud and network resources alongside compliance and regulations.

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Cloudify was designed from the ground up on principles of openness to power the IT transformation revolution - enabling organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and network services more economically, without compromising on security or IT simplicity