Automate Them ALL

Connect, Automate & Manage new and existing networks, automation tools, applications, and other multi-cloud elements from one point of access.

Open source orchestration platform, built for:

  • Any Cloud: Private, Public, Hybrid.
  • End-to-End: Infrastructure, networking, policies.
  • Full lifecycle: From complex configurations and deployments to day-2 automations: auto updates/scaling/healing.
  • Compatible: fast integration with all new and existing tools.

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For DevOps Teams

Environment as a Service: Bring infrastructure, networking and security into reusable and ‘templatized’ environments, allowing applications to efficiently run across multiple cloud or data center platforms — at the click of a button.

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For MSPs

Edge Networking: Build service catalogs that meet the scale and latency requirements of all edge environments. Automate deployment of SD-WAN with zero touch provisioning and lifecycle management of devices — CPE, vCPE, uCPE.

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For Service Providers

Digital Telco: It’s time to integrate your virtual and physical network functions. Use Cloudify for the ultimate NFVO & VNFM edge orchestration solution for digital telco- featuring complete deployment & life cycle management of any VNF.

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edge networking

Turn weeks into hours Get it right every time and enjoy faster delivery using Cloudify. By preventing human configuration and security errors, services become predictable, fully automated and secure. Enterprises using Cloudify have a proven 10x time-to-value. Achieve superior service orchestration & network automation.

network automation

Flexibility is the key Cloudify’s open-source architecture enables DevOps and IT departments to utilize existing toolsets and orchestrate next generation and legacy services on-premise & in the cloud- allowing a combination of infrastructure and network orchestration under one automation scheme.

network orchestration

Eliminate vendor lock-in Tap into reduced: support, remediation, dispatch, install and decommission time and resources using superior network orchestration tools. Enjoy one point of access and reuse existing investments and components, soft or hard, to enable cloud native and edge network automation.

service orchestration

Improved control Enforce IT policies such as BCP, HA, Credential Management, 3rd-party SW Management, SW updates, Certification Management, and more - for total compliance. Cloudify’s access control and multi-tenancy make it possible to automate the governance of your cloud and network resources.

DevOps toolchains are changing, and the discrete automation and service orchestration silos of the past are evolving into platforms that orchestrate application delivery as a value stream. Infrastructure and operations leaders should revisit their toolchain strategies to meet digital business demands.

Gartner "The Future of DevOps Toolchains Will Involve Maximizing Flow in IT Value Streams" January 2020

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Founded in 2012, Cloudify has robust financial backing from Intel Capital, VMware, BRM Group, Claridge and other leading strategic and financial investors. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and holds offices across the US and Europe. Cloudify specializes in network orchestration, network automation, everything multi-cloud; providing orchestration solutions for expert orchestration software.